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version 20181204

Profiling and automated decision-making at Cupid's Catch

At Cupid's Catch, your privacy is our top priority. It is at the core of the way we design and build the services and products you know and love, so that you can fully trust them and focus on building meaningful connections.

As part of our commitment to transparency in the way we process your information, we explain here what automated decision-making and profiling are, why it is at the very heart of our service (in fact, it’s probably the reason you love using our products!) and how you benefit from it.

What is automated decision-making and profiling?

Europe’s data protection framework, the General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”), provides the following definitions:

Does Cupid's Catch rely on automated decision-making or profiling?

Automated decision-making and profiling are invisible features that are at the core of the services you know and love, upon which we constantly improve and without which we would be unable to help you find the relationship you’re looking for.

We use these features for the following reasons: